...making a quality Christian education affordable and attainable to every family

About Us

In 2000, a small group of people began to dream about starting an inner city Christian school for the children who need it the most and whose parents could afford it the least. They discovered that the children in urban Augusta were not unlike the children in all urban school districts in America, living in poverty (1 in 3) and undereducated. The schools in the district were some of the worst in the state. Recognizing that undereducation and social counterproductivity are as closely correlated as smoking and lung cancer, they set about doing the research and raising the money to start a school with an intentional mission to the children from low-income families.

Heritage Academy creates a culture of learning with high expectations for academic, character and spiritual development. The curriculum is rigorous. Children may participate in a Suzuki violin program at no cost. All students participate in our weekly chapel program. Our students have consistently out performed both national and county averages on standardized tests.