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Our Staff

Our Staff 2016

Not pictured: Rebecca Forty, Courtney Hatcher, Julie Tollison and Rebecca White

The Living Curriculum:  Our Teachers

When parents send their child to a school, they are in effect asking the teachers to help “train up” their son or daughter. We know that life-long values and priorities are shaped in the early years. We believe that parents are looking for a special type of teacher, the Living Curriculum teacher. These teachers have awesome responsibilities and opportunities to shape their students’ lives.

There is no prototype for this kind of teacher. They come from different families, environments, places of worship and types of training. They have different personalities. They do, however, share several beliefs and qualities.

They are born-again followers of Christ. They are mature and growing in their faith. They love God’s word and believe in prayer. Patterns in their lives reflect the fruits of the Spirit. They model spiritual, personal and professional growth.

Living Curriculum teachers are positive people. They find the best in each student. They look for ways to catch students doing right more than doing wrong.

They are humble and trustworthy. They have an open mind and sensitive spirit. They are approachable and try to listen. They ask,” What can I do to help?”

Living Curriculum teachers are effective communicators. They are easy to understand and seek to understand others. They believe that the best education is one where parents and teachers work together for the good of the students

They are motivators. They are possessed by a drive to nurture growth in their students and to pursue excellence and service to the glory of God.

Parents can have the confidence that Living Curriculum teachers will uphold the values that are important in shaping their sons and daughters into tomorrow's upstanding citizens.

What more could any parent ask?