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What Parents are Saying

Our Staff 2013


“My son, Jonathan, benefits from the smaller class size and the emphasis on academics. Our whole family benefits from the Bible teaching. Jonathan recites Bible verses for us. It has brought our family closer together spiritually. I view the cost of his education as an investment in my son’s future. He will be more prepared for college and life.”

Mother of second grader

“My daughter has had a total change in her attitude. She does her homework and looks forward to coming to school. She feels her teachers understand her. My relationship with my daughter has improved because we are not always arguing about school. Once you decide that education is a top priority then you can commit your resources to it. It is a sacrifice worth making. I trust God to provide for our needs.”

Mother of sixth grader

“We can feel the presence of God in the school and in our daughter’s life. The school reinforces our family’s values. We try to keep our family Bible time on track with what Kylie is learning at Heritage. The personal attention to our child and to us is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced at a school. God wants you to trust him with everything, including your money. We believe that this school is where God wants Kylie to be. He will provide for her tuition.”

Jason and Tiffany
Parents of kindergartener

“My granddaughter’s confidence in her abilities has increased since being at Heritage. Her future goals have become more concrete and been reinforced by her teachers. I have peace of mind that when I drop her off each morning, I will not be called about some incident. We both feel safe. This school enhances our family’s Christian values. We need to invest in things that last, like education, not in things that perish, like the latest fad. My child’s education is an investment worth making.”

Grandmother of fifth grader